A wetroom bathroom is a convenient, modern alternative to a conventional bathroom, offering everything you would expect only with the practicality and innovation of a walk-in shower. Wetrooms differ slightly from shower rooms in the sense that the shower itself is a completely open space with the base being completely flush to the bathroom floor.

The floor will also have a slight gradient on it to ensure fast and effective drainage. Every aspect of the wet room bathroom, including basins and toilets, will seamlessly flow with the bathroom tiles and decor, making for an overall sleek design.

Shower rooms, on the other hand, are similar to conventional bathrooms, only there is a shower cubicle in place of your bath. The shower will, unlike showers in wetrooms, be a cubicle and come equipped with its own shower tray to deal with the drainage.

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Professionally-fitted wetrooms

Our expert bathroom fitters are able to meticulously carry out your bathroom remodel, transforming it from a traditional bathroom into a wet room shower. We use state-of-the-art CAD design services to help achieve your vision, regardless of the shape and size of your bathroom. Whether you’d prefer a large wet room or a small wet room, you’ll be able to look to Vivid for your bathroom renovations.

Our highly-skilled team have 20 years’ of combined experience and knowledge to draw upon, so you can rest assured that you’ll be taken through every single stage of the process with absolute patience and professionalism. From the planning and design stages right through to completion, you’ll always be able to look to us for meticulous wetroom bathroom installation.

Look to Vivid for expert wetroom bathroom installation

Vivid has a team of specialists at the helm of our operations, ensuring each and every one of our clients are provided with a wetroom shower that meets their needs and expectations every single time. With fully-trained individuals on hand to expertly install your wetroom, whether it be for a family bathroom or an ensuite bathroom, you can rest assured that it will be immaculately-fitted to the highest possible standards.

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For more information about the high-quality wetroom installations we’re able to carry out in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, get in touch with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team today – we’re always happy to hear from you.