12 Signs Your Bathroom Needs Renovating

Bathrooms are meant to be relaxing, enjoyable spaces to be in. Whether you look forward to a refreshing shower in the morning or a relaxing bath at the end of a long day, you want your bathroom to act as a tranquil escape from everyday life.

However, not every bathroom is as pleasant to utilise or even be in. Here are 12 signs that you should have your bathroom renovated:

1. You’re experiencing persistent or serious leaks

Leaks are a serious issue with bathrooms, especially if they’re upstairs. It could lead to serious water damage that can contribute to rotting joists, floorboards and even experiencing ceilings fall down.

Mitigate the more serious damage that could be done by persistent or serious leak by having your bathroom renovated as soon as you can. Although it might be a larger financial outlay to begin with, it’ll be a fraction of the cost of having joists replaced or having a new ceiling erected.

2. There are obvious damages

If things are obviously damaged, either by water or other means, then you should think about having your bathroom refitted as a matter of urgency. Not only will this make it harder to sell on, if needed, but it also makes it less of a relaxing, enjoyable space to be in.

Also, if things are broken or damaged, it’ll lower the overall functionality of the room, which means you’ll have to have items replaced or repaired anyway. Why not have the whole thing renovated at once to save time and money in the long run

3. Mould has accumulated in more than one place

It’s inevitable that mould will form in your bathroom. It’s the very nature of it. But when mould starts to form in places other than sealant and if it forms in various places that can be hard to get rid of, then it’s time for a redecorate. Often, mould can be treated with a specific chemical to stop it protruding through your new paint. Tiling the bathroom from floor to ceiling will help to stop mould forming in places you don’t want it to.

However, there could be other reasons for having mould appear in your bathroom.

The ventilation might not be right. You should have a ventilation fan fitted and make sure the window is open both whilst you’re having a bath or a shower and for about 20 minutes thereafter. Having your bathroom renovated will include the installation of an extractor fan for peace of mind.

4. The decor is outdated or old

Outdated decor is one of the main reasons why people look to have their bathroom remodelled. Homeowners who have recently moved into a new house are likely to face this issue, unless they’ve moved into a house with already modern decor or a new build home.

The reality is that most of us will want to change the decor that the previous owners left behind and the bathroom is no exception. If it looks old and tired, then have it ripped out and renovated to your taste and style. It will also help when it comes to selling the house in the future.

5. It’s starting to lack overall functionality

If you’re finding that you can’t do certain things because of the lack of space or because things are broken, then it’s time to renovate your bathroom. If, for example, you can’t have a shower because the tray doesn’t drain and you have to resort to baths, then it’s time to start again with a brand new bathroom that’s plumbed in correctly to help stop drainage issues.

If you have to compromise on your usual bathroom routine because something doesn’t work quite right, then you should start considering a new bathroom suite.

6. The floor has become water damaged

No matter what material has been used on the bathroom floor, it would be obvious as to whether or not it has become water damaged.

Where a tiled floor won’t present water damage in the same way that a laminate floor would, the grouting in between the tiles could begin to deteriorate, especially if it’s not been done properly or if the incorrect product has been used.

7. The space is overcrowded & unnecessary

If you have a small bathroom with bulky items in it that seems to be packed in too tightly, or that has the sole aim of filling every available gap, then it’s time to repurpose the bathroom altogether.

Overcrowding can make the space feel claustrophobic rather than a relaxing, open space that you actually want to relax in. Renovate your bathroom with new plans that’ll open up your space without compromising on storage.

8. Painted surfaces are starting to peel

In warm, wet environments, it’s entirely possible for old paint to start peeling off walls and even wooden skirting boards, if you have any. Even bathroom paint can peel off surfaces if it’s been left for many years without maintenance. It might be that you’ve just bought a place and the bathroom needs to be updated.

If you’ve noticed paint peeling off the walls and other other surfaces, it’s time to have the bathroom renovated. Chances are, if the walls look old and tired, so will the existing bathroom suite.

9. It lacks storage space

Storage space is imperative in the bathroom. You need somewhere to store your toiletries and dental products as well as cleaning products and any refills you might have. Some people also like to have a stash of candles at the ready for that warm, cosy and relaxing bath.

If you’re lacking storage space, then you should look to have your bathroom renovated to incorporate more storage into your plans. This way, you’ll have a bathroom that works for you and not a bathroom that worked for a previous homeowner, for example.

10. Safety has been compromised

The safety in the bathroom could be anything from lighting that’s too dim to electrical wires protruding from shaving sockets. If safety appears to have been compromised in any way, then make sure you have the problems rectified.

Sometimes, wiring needs to be done in conjunction with a bathroom refit. If that’s the issue, then it could be your sign to have your old, tired and dangerous bathroom renovated.

11. Lighting needs to be improved

It’s imperative that lighting in the bathroom is adequate enough. You need to be able to see properly, not only to ensure you’re washing and brushing your teeth properly, but also to make sure you’re safe when moving around the bathroom, including vacating the shower cubicle or bathtub.

If your lighting needs to be improved, then make sure you upgrade your light fitting as quickly as possible. Vivid has a team of electricians available to do this for you, as electric work needs to be done by a competent professional

12. Hardware has started to rust

Bathroom hardware could include anything from taps and shower heads to plug holes and overflows. If these have started to rust or deteriorate in any way, then that signals that you need to have your bathroom refitted.

Although it’s fairly easy to get replacement hardware if you’re on a budget, the team at Vivid will be able to help.

Here at Vivid, we are expert bathroom fitters with a wealth of knowledge to draw upon, so you’re always in good hands with our highly-skilled team.

We provide clients throughout Nottingham and the surrounding areas with sterling bathroom fitting services that’ll always provide impressive results.

Whether you’re looking to have your family bathroom refitted or if you’d like an ensuite, wetroom, shower room or cloakroom renovating, look to the professional, highly-experienced specialists

For more information about how we can help you today, get in touch with one of our experts – we’re always happy to hear from you.


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